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The best international sea freight service in Everlog

Today, the development of the shipbuilding industry makes the transportation of goods between countries by sea more convenient. The long geographical distance is no longer a problem at the present time. It is these factors that have made the demand for international shipping by sea increase sharply in the past few years. Although sending and receiving large packages by this route has its own conditions. Let's learn about the method international shipping by sea like right below!

Vận tải quốc tế đường biển là gì

What is international sea freight?

History of international sea shipping

In the 5th century BC, people knew how to transport goods by sea. The main purpose is to exchange and trade with regions, neighboring regions or countries together. That shows that shipping was born very early (after the river).

When the world economy develops, trade services between countries are promoted. Thanks to that, the transportation of goods by sea, by sea and by air is more and more busy.

What is the form of international shipping by sea?

International sea transportation is the transportation of goods and passengers between countries through the use of means of transport on the sea such as ships and boats. Up to now, sea transportation has brought a huge source of profit for Vietnam. Not only helping to grow the economy rapidly. It also links friendship and cooperation with friends all over the world.

Items should use sea shipping service

Sea freight now allows receiving most items, except those listed on the prohibited list. This is the biggest advantage of this mode of transport. Businesses should choose sea freight services with the following items:

Goods with strong physical and chemical properties such as chemicals, powders, solutions, etc.

Goods that can easily affect other goods such as construction materials, industrial products, etc.

– Goods that are easily affected by the environment, changing the quality of the product. For example, spices, tobacco…

– Super-long, super-heavy and extremely large shipments. Typically construction machinery, industrial machinery, vehicles...

In short, if your business is not too concerned about the shipping schedule, the international shipping method will be the ideal and safe solution for goods.

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Advantages when goods are transported by sea

Vận tải hàng hóa bằng đường biển mang lại nhiều ưu điểm

Transporting goods by sea brings many advantages

International freight by sea brings many outstanding advantages such as:

- The sea routes are clear and natural, so there is no cost to repair, upgrade or maintain. So the cost is also lower than other modes of freight.

– Goods transported by sea are not limited in volume. The boats can carry bulky goods, large weight and a variety of goods. The process of loading and unloading goods into the warehouse is also quite easy, saving costs and fuel.

– Capturing the tastes and needs of international sea transportation, many LOGISTICS companies specialize in providing international sea freight services with affordable prices and stable quality.

How long does international sea shipping take?

The time it takes for a shipment to move from one country to another depends on many factors. For example, weather conditions, road maps, geographical distances between countries on the sea. Therefore, shipping goods in this form usually lasts from one to several months.

As can be seen, shipping time by sea may be longer than other modes of transport. However, there are now more modern and optimized large capacity ships. It has somewhat overcome the limitation in terms of time. Therefore, customers can rest assured that their shipment will be guaranteed.

Tonnage of cargo ships in international sea transportation

Quy định của tàu trong vận chuyển quốc tế đường biển

Regulations of ships in the carriage of goods by sea

The tonnage of a ship is divided into two types, including:

– DWT (deadweight): is the total weight of the cargo, fuel and other items that the ship can carry.

– DWT (deadweight tonnage): is the tonnage the ship can carry, including crew, passengers, cargo, and objects. This is the unit used to measure the capacity and safety of the ship and is expressed in tons.

For international freight by sea, the tonnage of the ship needs to ensure the specified weight. Cargo or passenger must be carried at a safe level to avoid exceeding the ship's quota. Because overloading will easily cause heavy losses and unfortunate consequences.

International sea freight service

It is really difficult for businesses to invest in both human resources and ships to transport goods internationally. Not to mention it will be costly in terms of maritime knowledge training costs, machinery maintenance costs... Definitely will not be able to handle it well.

Therefore, for your shipment to be imported quickly and conveniently. The most economical solution for businesses is to hire another party's services. Because with a specialized unit, they will ensure better transportation of goods. Meanwhile, the cost that shippers have to spend to hire the service here is not as expensive as you think..

Dịch vụ vận chuyển quốc tế đường biển có tốt không

Is the international sea shipping service good?

Criteria to choose a good international shipping company

You want to choose reputable import-export and logistics companies, based on some of the following criteria.

– The unit has many years of experience in operating, regularly transporting goods abroad

– Having close cooperation with large shipping units, using modern means of transport

- Professional working process with clear policies and contracts

There are good cooperation terms for customers. For example, insurance policy for goods upon delivery.

- Affordable service charges

– Refer to the service quality reviews from the shippers who have cooperated

With the above criteria, you can completely find yourself a good and reliable international sea freight shipping unit, right? And to bring the best services, we would like to invite you to Everlog Logistic's international sea freight service. This is a unit specializing in receiving and importing all kinds of goods by sea to ensure the most prestige and quality.

Everlog Logistics' sea freight service

Everlog is a reputable unit specializing in providing international sea freight services for all types of goods:

  • Container sea freight (FCL)
  • Sea freight (LCL) 
  • Project cargo transportation
  • Transporting super-long and super-heavy goods

Everlog's sea freight process is conducted as follows:

– Step 1: Receive goods information

– Step 2: Shipping quote

– Step 3: Sign the contract

– Step 4: Shipping

– Step 5: Pay the shipping contract

Everlog provides import and export cargo transportation services from seaports around the world to Ho Chi Minh. Including different delivery and receipt methods such as:

– Delivery of goods at the port (CY-CY) (CFS-CFS)

– Delivery and delivery at the factory (DOOR–CY), (CY-DOOR) 

– Delivery to the recipient (DOOR-DOOR)

Dịch vụ vận tải quốc tế đường biển của Everlog

Everlog's international sea freight service is extremely reputable

Why should you choose Everlog's international sea freight service?

We are a Logistics unit with many years of experience, with a team of professional personnel, owning modern means of transportation. Therefore, the unit receives and transports all types of goods with many different loads and sizes, including frozen goods. Everlog is confident to meet all customer requirements.

Quy trình giao nhận hàng được đơn vị chúng tôi thực hiện tỉ mỉ, chuyên nghiệp. Luôn đảm bảo hàng hóa của bạn đúng số lượng, chất lượng, đúng thời gian dự tính. Khi hàng cập bến, nếu doanh nghiệp có nhu cầu, Everlog cũng sẽ hỗ trợ giao nhận hàng tận nơi.

Our company provides sea freight services with the most competitive rates today. Along with that, there are many attractive incentives for customers.

In addition to transportation services, Everlog also provides many other types of services related to import and export for businesses.

If your business has never cooperated with our company before. So give it a try once to experience the service international shipping by sea at Everlog unit now!


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