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Consulting customs services for new businesses

Your business is looking to export goods to foreign markets or import goods into Vietnamese territory. However, you do not have experience in doing customs procedures as well as related documents. On that basis, customs consulting service was born, in order to help businesses save time and costs for all customs clearance activities. 

What is customs service? 

Customs services are services that logistics units offer, in order to help goods clear the most smoothly. Along with that, this unit will receive the fee according to the initial agreement with the business. 

Customs services are created by the continuous development of the logistics industry, with the number of import / export goods continuously increasing. Customs services like these will help shippers and buyers save time and money.

What does the package customs service include? 

Tư vấn dịch vụ hải quan trọn gói giá rẻ tại Everlog

Consultancy on customs services with cheap packages at Everlog 

Package customs services are all costs and operations. When you choose to consult a customs service, the logistics unit will support you in detail about this process. Accordingly, the owner of the consignment only needs to provide relevant documents, stamp and receive the goods without having to do anything else. 

For any shipment, the business steps to follow are: 

  • Making customs declarations based on documents about the shipment provided by the enterprise. 
  • Prepare all customs documents. 
  • Submit documents, do tax and customs clearance for shipments. 

However, for some special items, the process is somewhat more complicated

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Apply for a license to import and export goods

This is an important and necessary first step. If you have not yet obtained an import license and proceed to make a customs declaration, you will be fined. Therefore, this is the thing to do before performing other procedures. 

Actualization inventory

This is the process where customs officers will use specialized tools such as scanners and tools for inspection. Then, conduct green/yellow/red channeling for this shipment. When you use the package customs service, you will save incurred costs such as containers, cutting costs, fostering ...

Price consultation and goods inspection after customs clearance

In the customs service consulting process, logistics units will advise you more carefully. Because this part often arises for some items, it leads to additional costs. 

Knowing the specific amount, the business will have the most realistic financial plan. Ensure the profitability of the shipment as originally planned. 

Why do you need customs consulting services? 

Vì sao bạn cần đến tư vấn dịch vụ hải quan

Why do you need customs consulting?

To clear a shipment needs a lot of different procedures and documents. Consulting customs services is the solution to help you better understand this process. Once you visualize this process, it will be easier for you to work. 

When customers choose this service of a logistics unit, they will advise you in detail about problems that shippers often encounter such as procedures and documents. Saves you a lot of time figuring this out. 

Usually, reputable logistics units will provide package customs services at the most affordable cost. They will take care of all the work from start to finish, ensuring the customs clearance process on schedule. 

During the customs service consulting process, the consultant will present the risks that the business may face. At the same time, suggest the best solutions to reduce the most costs, but still ensure the quality of the goods. 

This is very necessary for businesses, especially new businesses. 

What is the process of consulting customs services for businesses?

Currently, businesses choose customs consulting service of logistics companies quite a lot. This is considered a reasonable way of doing business when businesses do not have much experience in this field. The consulting process at Everlog will guide you with specific information:

  • Customs procedures and documents for the items that the business is interested in. 
  • Identify the right type of import and export: commercial, non-commercial or temporary import for re-export. 
  • Risk management policies, product management. These policies may be related to relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, etc.
  • Identify the code of the shipment. 

Notes when choosing a customs consulting service unit

Currently, there are many logistics units that offer package customs services for customers to choose from. However, businesses need to choose carefully to be able to ensure that they choose the best place. 

Choosing a dedicated consultant with a methodical process will help you properly access the procedures for importing/exporting goods. 

Choose the unit with the right price for your goods

Goods for import and export have many types. There are items that are easy to clear customs. However, there are also many items that require a lot of paperwork and complicated procedures. Therefore, you need to consider the fee that the customs service consultant offers. How to still ensure the highest profit. 

Cost is the first mentioned issue and a decisive factor in the growth of the business. Therefore, the calculation of profit or expense is always made in the most detailed and specific way. 

Choose a unit with the right strengths for your product

Each logistics unit will have different product strengths. Some places will be strong on imports, some on exports or even both. Therefore, before deciding which service to choose, you should also research carefully and choose correctly. Helping businesses have the best financial visualization and plan. 

Choose a professional and honest consultant

All current logistics companies will have their own strengths. Enterprises need to choose a consulting unit on customs services honestly. That is, the data on the price list or the possible risks are always mentioned first. 

Reasons for you to choose Everlog's customs consulting service

Everlog là đơn vị tiên phong trong lĩnh vực tư vấn dịch vụ hải quan

Everlog is a pioneer in the field of customs consulting services

Everlog has a long history in the field of import and export. For many years, he has been a major partner of businesses across the country. We believe that the most professional and optimal customs service will be consulted. 

Full consultation on customs clearance procedures for all import and export goods: processed goods, aid goods, transit goods, temporarily imported - re-exported goods, re-exported - re-imported goods...

Dedicated advice on related issues in the field of import and export and customs procedures of other countries. The place where the enterprise's goods are expected to be exported. Along with that is tax advice, customs pricing and the latest tax policies. 

All processes from consulting to implementation are strictly followed by Everlog staff according to agreements. Ensure that the goods will be cleared on schedule, meeting the production and distribution requirements of the business. 

The current, Everlog is the leading unit in the field of Logistics in Vietnam market. With experience and professional way of working, we believe that we will bring customers the most satisfaction. 

Customers and businesses are interested in Consulting services for customs packages, please contact us via hotline or website for fastest support.