Quy trình thủ tục nhập khẩu sữa ensure từ A – Z

Procedures for importing ensure milk from A - Z

Ensure milk with high nutritional content received much love from consumers. Therefore, policy as well as Ensure milk import procedures focused on by many businesses. So what is the current process? What should businesses pay attention to when importing this product? Everlog will help you find the answer in the article below. Don't miss any information! 

Nhiều doanh nghiệp quan tâm thủ tục nhập khẩu sữa ensure

Many businesses are interested in procedures to import ensure milk

Information about ensure milk products

Ensure milk is a product of the famous Abbott brand in the United States and is very trusted in Vietnam. With a high nutritional content, this milk line not only helps provide energy, vitamins, and proteins, but also provides essential minerals for the body. As a result, it helps in anti-aging in the most effective way. 

Ensure milk is suitable for many different customers, including children children and adults. Specifically:

  • For the elderly: milk stimulates eating, improves digestion and helps maintain health in a better way.
  • For children: help children eat more delicious. At the same time, supplement the necessary nutrients and vitamins
  • Newly ill patients: milk will help strengthen health, recover faster and provide more nutrients. According to one study, a cup of Ensure milk or a bottle of water has the same energy as a meal. 
  • Sports people: Milk supports people who are often active and do sports. Helps you stay in better shape and healthier.

Currently, compared to other imported dairy products, this is the most popular milk line on the market. This item can be easily seen in stores, supermarkets, large and small.

Ensure milk import policy

Thủ tục nhập khẩu sữa ensure gồm nhiều yêu cầu khác nhau

Ensure milk import procedures include many different requirements

Ensure milk is not on the list of prohibited goods imported into Vietnam. Therefore, enterprises do not need to apply for an import license. Import procedures are carried out like other goods.

Self-publishing products

Before importing ensure milk, enterprises must self-declare for this milk product. This is required or your shipment will be withheld at Customs. 

To perform this step, enterprises need to have ready-made specimens. Includes inner milk core and packaging. Then, send the sample to the unit that has enough functionality for testing. When you receive the results, you submit a self-published application. Dossier self-declared when carrying out import procedures for ensure milk includes:

  • Food self-declaration
  • The test result card is valid for less than 12 months according to ISO standards
  • Business registration certificate of the enterprise 
  • Milk samples and milk images ensure

Register for quarantine and food safety milk ensure

Ensure milk has a direct effect on human health. Therefore, before importing, it is necessary to do plant quarantine and food safety. The profile includes the following documents and information:

  • Application for product quality quarantine
  • Business registration certificate of the enterprise
  • Product self-declaration paper
  • Certificate of food hygiene and safety.

The latest ensure milk import procedures

Hướng dẫn thủ tục nhập khẩu sữa ensure

Guide to import procedures for ensure milk

Currently, the process of importing ensure milk is of interest to many businesses. Compared to many other goods, importing this item is not too complicated. This process is carried out according to the specific steps below. 

Step 1: Customs declaration

Enterprises can make paper declaration at the customs office. Or make the declaration on the online customs system VNACSS/VCIS. The transmission on the electronic system is more appreciated for its convenience and speed. 

Step 2: Prepare full documents for import procedures for ensure milk

Includes the following documents and documents:

  • Commercial Invoice – Invoice
  • Contract for foreign trade of goods – Contract
  • Packing list – Packing list
  • Certificate of origin of ensure milk
  • Product self-declaration
  • Register to check the quality of milk
  • Phytosanitary
  • Some other relevant documents.

Regardless of import activities, businesses also need to prepare carefully for customs documents.

Step 3: Enterprises open declarations at the border gate according to regulations

Depending on the actual shipment and customs records, the goods of the enterprise will be divided according to the following flows:

  • Green stream: Completely exempt from paper application and physical examination
  • shipment economics. The shipment is accepted for clearance by the customs authority. 
  • Gold stream: Need to check customs records.
  • Red stream: Need to physically check the shipment. 

When encountering yellow and red flows, enterprises need to amend and supplement mandatory documents as required. Will add until the dossier is approved and the quality of the shipment is approved.

Step 4: The enterprise prints the customs clearance declaration to be able to pick up the goods

Finally, the business transports the goods to the warehouse. Each business will have its own plan to distribute and consume different products. Fast or slow customs clearance time depends a lot on customs documents and product quality. 

Notes when importing ensure milk into Vietnam

First of all, when importing ensure milk, businesses need to note the following important things:

First: Enterprises need to check the required documents to serve the first step  quarantine upon arrival at the port. Ensure the best conditions in terms of quality as well as packaging. 

Second: Conditions to preserve milk are extremely important. With a suitable temperature and humidity. In the process of transportation, businesses should pay more attention to the conditions of goods preservation. 

Third: Enterprises need to understand the import procedures. This helps businesses save time as well as avoid unnecessary risks.

Finally, for businesses that do not have experience in dairy import activities, they can choose logistics units. You should choose a reputable company to minimize all costs. Besides, it is to ensure good product quality after customs clearance and the fastest clearance time. 

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