Thủ tục nhập khẩu rượu trọn gói cho doanh nghiệp tại Everlog

Procedures for importing wine packages for businesses in Everlog

According to some statistics of the authorities, Vietnam is considered one of the countries with the highest level of alcohol consumption in the world. In particular, imported wine is a very popular item because its market demand is constantly increasing. Because of that, the import activity of this item is being developed quite strongly. Especially on holidays, traditional New Year... So when you want to import alcohol, what documents do you need? Currently, is there any unit providing reputable and affordable wine import service? All the problems about alcohol import procedures We will answer them through today's article.

Thủ tục nhập khẩu rượu là gì

What is the procedure for importing alcohol?

What is the service of importing wine packages?

According to current regulations, trading in imported wines is a conditional business activity. To import this item, businesses need to apply for an import license. At the same time, the quality of imported wine must be announced before the product is sold on the market.

For units that do not have much experience in working with customs. Unexpected events are inevitable. In particular, the customs clearance procedure always has a policy of continuous innovation. Therefore, businesses must quickly grasp this problem to avoid losses.

Dịch vụ nhập khẩu rượu trọn gói

Package wine import service

Understanding the difficulties businesses face in customs clearance procedures, specialized units have provided the service of customs clearance alcohol import procedures all in one. Absolute guarantee of the quality and progress that the business requires.

Before learning about this service, let's follow up with the issues to pay attention to when importing this item!

Laws on importing alcohol

To begin alcohol import proceduresEnterprises need to pay attention to the following legal content:

– Enterprises need to prepare and complete legal documents. According to Decree 94/2012/ND-CP on research and production and trading of alcohol.

– Comply with the content of Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP: detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Food Safety.

Rượu là mặt hàng cần phải làm các thủ tục để nhập khẩu

Alcohol is an item that needs to be imported

Notes when importing alcohol

Basically, when importing alcohol, enterprises should pay attention to the following issues:

- Having an import license that meets all conditions for trading and distributing alcohol

– Carrying out procedures for announcing wine products before the goods arrive

– Goods have been inspected for food safety and quality

– Proceed with registration and stamping

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Procedures for steps to import alcohol

The first step in the import policy is to correctly identify the HS code of the shipment that you import.

Specifically, for imported wine:

– 2204: HS code of wine made from fresh grapes, including fortified wines, grape must, other than those of heading 20.09.

– 22042911: HS code of wine with alcohol content by volume not exceeding the threshold of 15%.

- 220421: Wine, grape must have been mixed with alcohol to prevent or inhibit the fermentation of alcohol, in containers not exceeding 2 liters

– 22041000: Light carbonated wine

– 22042113: wine with an alcohol content by volume above 15% but not exceeding 23%

– 22042114: Alcohol with a concentration by volume above 23%

– 220422121: Grape wort mixed with alcohol to prevent alcohol fermentation, with an alcohol content by volume not exceeding 15%

– 22042122: Wine with an alcohol content by volume above 15%

Tax policy on alcohol import activities

Pursuant to the 2016 Preferential Import-Export Tariff promulgated together with Decree 122/2016/ND-CP issued by the Ministry of Finance. Imported wines will be subject to an import tax rate of 50%.

In addition, imported wines are also subject to special consumption taxes. Specifically, businesses can follow detailed information in the Tax Schedule issued in the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Special Consumption Tax No. 70/2014/QH13.

In addition, enterprises also have to carry out the obligation to pay VAT at 10%.

Standard publication procedure for alcohol

Applying for a license to publish quality standards is a mandatory procedure when doing business alcohol import procedures echoing. Enterprises need to prepare a set of legal documents with all the following documents:

- Investment certificate or business registration certificate.

– HACCP or ISO 22000 if available.

- Tested by the manufacturer.

Next, in case the manufacturer does not provide a valid check. Authorities will conduct product testing in accordance with the law.

Testing criteria for alcohol products include:

- Main quality indicators: ethanol (alcohol) content at 200C, methanol content, total SO2 content.

- Microbiological criteria: TSVSVHK, E.coli, S.aureus, Streptococci feacal...

– Heavy metal content: Pb

- Content of unwanted substances: content of Ochratoxin A, content of Patulin...

Dossier of application for a license to distribute alcohol from the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Giấy cấp phép phân phối rượu khi nhập khẩu là bắt buộc

Liquor distribution license upon import is required

To perform well alcohol import procedures, businesses need to obtain a license to distribute alcohol issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The license application package includes:

- Business registration certificate of the enterprise

– List of equipment of the warehouse

– Legal records of 3 establishments that are distribution agents

– Warehouse lease contract

– Certificate of environmental eligibility

Certificate of satisfaction of fire prevention and fighting criteria

– Certificate of balance in the company account, the minimum level is 1 billion VND

– License application

Customs clearance procedures for alcohol import activities

To finish alcohol import procedures, businesses need to follow a certain process. Alcohol belongs to the group of special consumption products. So when doing import procedures, businesses need to do a lot of specialized sub-licenses. Specifically as:

– Stamping the shipment after customs clearance. This issue needs to be paid close attention by businesses. It is mandatory to apply stamps on each product. Standard stamps will be issued and issued by the General Department of Customs, made of special materials.

– Enterprises are only allowed to import wine shipments through international border gates.

- About the obligation to pay import tax. Wine is a good of subheading 22.04 or 22.05 (based on the applicable tariff). So the applicable tax rate is 50%.

– The excise tax on wine depends on the concentration of each type of wine.

After completing these procedures, the enterprise will be able to bring the products to the warehouse for preservation and wait for the distribution date to the market. Note, the license will have a term of 5 years. Therefore, businesses need to pay attention to the periodic inspection schedule for their shipments.

Thủ tục nhập khẩu rượu ở bước thông quan

Procedures for importing alcohol at customs clearance

Which unit should choose the service of importing alcohol?

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Quy trình đóng gói rượu nhập khẩu tại Everlog

The process of packing imported wine in Everlog

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Here are the details about alcohol import procedures  under the current regulations. If businesses have problems when importing procedures for other business items. Please contact us as soon as possible for advice and choose the best service package right now!