Thủ tục nhập khẩu máy xúc, máy đào chất lượng của Everlog

Procedures for importing Everlog's quality excavators and excavators

The demand for importing excavators and excavators to serve construction and mining activities in our country is extremely large. Some brands with the best quality imported machines in the market include Japan and Korea (Komatsu, Doosan, Hyundai). Or models from the US and Europe (CAT, Volvo…) To support the importation of these devices more conveniently. We would like to send you service contacts Import procedures for excavators and excavators most prestigious and economical today at Everest Logistics.

Nhu cầu nhập khẩu máy xúc, máy đào ngày càng lớn

The demand for importing excavators and excavators is increasing day by day

What is an excavator and excavator?

These are machines that are collectively referred to as specialized vehicles. They are used to perform jobs such as material handling, demolition of mining projects, river dredging and construction. These devices will help you get things done faster and more efficiently. Especially when using its full capacity.

Specialized vehicles (motorcycles) include:

– Earthworks: bulldozers, excavators, excavators, graders, scrapers…

– Construction machine for road surface + construction foundation: roller, pile driver, pile extractor, bored pile drilling machine, stone crusher, concrete pump…

– Loading and unloading machines: forklifts, cranes, excavators

Special-use motorbikes for agricultural and forestry production: wheel and crawler tractors

Why import excavators and excavators?

Vì sao cần phải nhập khẩu mặt hàng này?

Why do you need to import this item?

Currently, these lines of equipment are mainly manufactured in Japan, the US, China, and Europe. Forklifts, excavators, excavators, etc. are collectively known as specialized vehicles. . Therefore, if it is a new product 100%, it is not subject to import ban and conditional import. It has been stipulated in Decree No. 187/2013/ND-CP dated November 20, 2013 of the Government. Therefore, businesses can carry out import procedures for the above items in the same way as normal import procedures.

Note when importing excavators and excavators

However, before doing Import procedures for excavators and excavators, businesses must note:

According to Appendix I of Decree 187/2013/ND-CP, specifying the list of goods banned from import. Goods in the group of "special-use vehicles" will be banned from import if:

– Goods with frame numbers, machine numbers erased, chiseled or closed

- Goods with right-hand drive, except for specialized vehicles with right-hand drive, operating in a narrow range and not participating in traffic. Including: crane truck, canal excavator, road sweeper, road irrigation; garbage trucks and domestic waste; road construction vehicles; passenger cars in the airport; forklifts in warehouses and ports; concrete pump trucks; Vehicles only move in golf courses, parks…

– Chassis of used vehicle (motorcycle). Including new chassis with used engine or used chassis with new engine.

If it is found that these items are imported to Vietnam, whether they are old or new, they will be confiscated immediately.

For forklifts, excavators, and excavators are second-hand goods

Enterprises still have to comply with the conditions in Circular 23/2015/TT-BKHCN of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Law, which took effect from June 1, 2016 stipulates as follows: - Second-hand machinery must have an age of no more than 10 years before it can be imported.

However, there are still some cases where special-use vehicles (motorcycles) have a lifespan of more than 10 years but are still allowed to be imported to Vietnam. Therefore, businesses need to carefully study Circular 23/2015/TT-BKHCN to understand these exceptions.

Nhu cầu nhập khẩu máy xúc, máy đào ngày càng lớn

Procedures for registration of imported excavators and excavators

Before participating in the import procedures for excavators and excavators. Importing enterprises need to be registered for this item. After completing the registration procedures and then the customs procedures, the enterprise can clear customs and transport the machine back.

Procedures for registration of imported excavators are carried out as follows:

Step 1: Prepare documents

Registration dossiers for specialized vehicles (machinery) include:

- Registration registration form according to the form: 1 original with 3 pages, signed and stamped at the importer's place, stamped on the first 2 pages

– Commercial invoice: 1 copy

– Confirmation of value of imported goods: 1 original (according to the form)

– Certificate of quality (Certificate of Quality – C/Q)

- Technical document.

In the case of used cars, there are no certificates or technical documents. At this time, the enterprise needs to make a written presentation to the registry office.

Step 2: Submit your application

The application is submitted at the Motor Vehicle Quality Inspection Team - under the Sub-Department of Registration.

Step 3: Review the profile

The receiving officer will review the application. If the profile is wrong or has omissions, the enterprise will be required to supplement or correct it. When the application is complete and valid, the officer will schedule a time to return to get the registration number.

After that, the enterprise will receive a registration certificate that has been issued with a number and certified by the Registry, together with a confirmation of the value of imported goods (for later calculating the registration fee).

Step 4: Reality check

Businesses need to prepare documents such as:

– 01 photocopy of the customs declaration

– Certificate of registration of change of test location and time.

When the inspection team is finished, the inspection team will notify by phone the time of the inspection and will conduct the actual inspection. Enterprises need to arrange people to operate the machine and fulfill the requirements of the inspection staff.

Procedures for carrying out import procedures for excavators and excavators

You have to do 5 steps with the following main tasks:

Step 1: Register for registration

Before the goods arrive, when there is a notice from the shipping company, you can make a registration dossier with the registry office. Currently, the application has been submitted through the National Single Window Portal, not making paper documents as before.

Details of the profile and registration steps, we have introduced in the above section.

After you enter the registration number on the registration paper, and (if necessary) attach the registration paper file to the electronic customs declaration and transmit the declaration using VNACCS software.

Step 2: Do customs procedures

Transmit the declaration with the note "The enterprise has registered for registration", and then bring the dossier to the customs office to complete the procedures. Now there will be 2 cases:

Thủ tục nhập khẩu máy xúc, máy đào

Procedures for importing excavators and excavators

Case 1: Enterprises bring goods to their warehouses for preservation

If so, you need to prepare a factory document, where the machine must have all the documents (lease contract, local license ...). Then submit an official letter asking for the goods to be stored for storage to pull the goods to the warehouse.

You have to pay full VAT import tax (usually import 0%, VAT 10%).

The customs department conducts the inspection and once approved, the machine will be brought back to your warehouse. And the duty of the enterprise is to invite the registry to inspect.

Case 2: Check registration at the port

When the goods arrive at the wharf, the enterprise invites the registration officer to check. But be very careful in the storage of containers and warehouses.

After receiving the inspection results (from 7-10 days), submit 1 copy to the customs for customs clearance. Note to submit the correct copy for customs clearance, keep the other 2 copies for other procedures later.

When submitting the completed application with the request to bring the goods to the warehouse, the enterprise will pay tax (import tax 0%, VAT 10%). After the inspection is complete, you will wait for the results of the inspection, usually 5-7 working days.

When the inspection results are available (online), you notify the customs so that they can check the system and complete the customs clearance process. At this time, new specialized vehicles (motorcycles) are officially used, exchanged, bought and sold.

Note about profile Import procedures for excavators and excavators at customs:

– Commercial Invoice (Invoice)

- Packing list (Packing list)

– Bill of lading

– Certificate of Origin (C/O)

Registration certificate (original)

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Service of import procedures for excavators and excavators at Everlog

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Quality and reputable customs clearance service at Everlog

With many years of experience in the field of import and export, Everlog specializes in consulting and doing import procedures for all types of goods that are allowed to be imported. Including Import procedures for excavators and excavators from other countries to Vietnam.

With the motto of Professional - Effective - Fast - Safe - Economical. Reputable LOGISTICS company Everlog always takes customer satisfaction as the driving force for our development. Here, you not only get a safe and economical import and export service. more than finding a reliable companion for your shipment!