Thủ tục nhập khẩu máy in mới nhất 2022

Procedures for importing the latest printers 2022

The more modern life and development, the higher the demand for printing. That's why more and more businesses import printers. In fact, when implementing this process, businesses still have many problems. How to do it fast printer import procedure best? Which businesses are allowed to import printers? All of these questions will be answered by Everlog in the article below. 

Thủ tục nhập khẩu máy in được nhiều doanh nghiệp quan tâm

Procedures for importing printers are of interest to many businesses

Which units are allowed to carry out procedures for importing printers?

First, the printer is not on the list of restricted import devices. Therefore, when carrying out procedures for importing printers, enterprises do not need to certify conformity or check quality. 

In recent years, the subjects/units that are allowed to import printers include:

– Enterprises that trade in and import and export printing products in accordance with the provisions of the Law. 

– Organizations and agencies with legal status use printing devices for internal work purposes. 

- Current printing facilities.

According to the latest information, if you want to apply for a printer import license, you only need to present your company's business registration document. It can be seen that compared to the past, the regulations on importing printers have been greatly simplified. This is also an opportunity for businesses to develop and expand their business markets. 

List of printers that need an import license

Procedures for importing printers have their own requirements and regulations

Before carrying out the procedures to import printers, businesses need to know the lists that need to apply for an import license. According to Appendix I, Circular No. 16/2015/TT-BTTT, classifying printers based on printing technology. Specifically:

  • Printers using advanced digital technology such as laser printers, inkjet printers can print A4 paper size of over 50 sheets/1 minute. Or a printer with a color photocopying feature. 
  • Offset printing machine, flexo, gravure…
  • Color copiers…

As for some other types of machines, such as screen printers or thermal printers. Enterprises do not need to apply for an import license. 

Procedures for importing the latest printers

Thủ tục nhập khẩu máy in mới nhất 2022

Procedures for importing the latest printers 2022

Procedures for importing printers The latest 2022 includes the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare customs documents

 Enterprises who want to apply for a printer import license need to prepare a full set of documents including necessary documents. Types of documents according to the regulations of Customs. Including: Procedures documents, goods sale and purchase contract, commercial invoice, detailed declaration. Attached is the bill of lading and the certificate of origin of the goods. 

Step 2: Submit an application for a printer import license

Enterprises who want to carry out procedures for importing printers need to prepare carefully at this step. Enterprises can submit documents by post, through the online service system or in person. This application is made according to form No. 4 at Appendix to Decree No. 25/2018/ND-CP. 

Attached is the business registration document of the enterprise, a copy can be submitted. At the same time, businesses need to prepare Catalog of printers. These are the documents that businesses always have to prepare, it helps to make every process faster. Ensure the requirements of the business's economic plan. 

Step 3: Wait for results from competent agencies

After preparing the above documents, enterprises will submit them to the Ministry of Information and Communications. Within 5 days, the Ministry will issue a license to import printers if the documents meet the requirements. In addition, if not granted, there will be a written reply detailing the reason. 

Step 4: Submit documents for customs clearance of goods

After being granted an import license, the enterprise will submit it to the Customs for customs clearance of goods. Here, the enterprise makes a customs declaration according to the form and required appendices (if any). 

With the continuous development of technology, businesses can declare paper records or electronic records. Then, submit it to the customs office for registration. Competent units will distribute goods. 

Finally, to complete the printer import procedure, businesses need to complete the tax fees. Accordingly, the value-added tax is 10%, the preferential import tax on printers is from 0-10%. 

Cost and time for printer import operation

Everlog - đơn vị làm thủ tục nhập khẩu máy in uy tín

Everlog – a reputable printer import procedure unit

This is also something that businesses are always interested in. How much does it cost and how long does it take to complete the printer import process? In fact, cost and time are closely related. 

Depending on the nature and characteristics of the printer or special requirements from the business, there are different shipping methods. Be it shipping by sea, by air, by courier…

For each shipment when importing, businesses need to consider carefully to come up with the best plan. Ensure the clearance schedule as well as the production and distribution plan. 

Currently, there are many businesses that are confused in carrying out procedures for importing printers. Therefore, there are often some unnecessary risks. Leads to late arrival of the shipment, reducing profits. 

If your business is a new, inexperienced business, you can give your trust to a Reputable LOGISTICS company. They will do all the related procedures and documents on your behalf. 

Everlog - the number 1 prestigious printer import procedure unit today 

Thus, choosing a professional logistics unit, businesses will no longer face any obstacles when importing printers. Especially in the time when many new decrees on import and export were issued. 

Experienced logistics companies will understand these policies. Guide and help the enterprise's shipment to be cleared in accordance with the previously agreed requirements. 

Currently, Everlog is the No. 1 company providing full-service customs services, completing import procedures for printers in Vietnam. We deal with the customer:

– Always work with a sense of responsibility, put yourself in the position of the business to have the best solutions.

– Up to now, statistics show that we bring the best solution and the most competitive cost. Aim at the benefits and profits for the business. 

– Having in-depth knowledge of printer equipment, we will support businesses to apply for import permits quickly. Complete the import and export documents in accordance with the requirements of the customs office. 

Here is a summary of information about printer import procedure Latest. If you have a need for this procedure, you can contact us directly using the information below. Hope to be with the business/customer in the upcoming journey. 

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