Thủ tục nhập khẩu lịch để bàn và lịch treo tường chi tiết

Detailed procedure for importing desktop and wall calendars

Vietnam is one of the countries that use both solar and lunar calendars. Therefore, the need to use desktop and wall calendars is very popular. Thanks to that, the activity of importing calendars from abroad to Vietnam took place quite excitingly. However, importing calendars for business and importing for non-business purposes will have a few differences. Learn about with Everlog desktop calendar import procedure And what are the tasks on the wall calendar?

Lịch nhập khẩu có mã HS code và thuế nhập khẩu bao nhiêu

Import schedule with HS code and how much is the import tax?

HS code and import tax for desk calendars and wall calendars

For businesses dealing in goods, it is clear that each product has its own HS code. The correct identification of product codes is the basis for enterprises to import, determine tax and value of goods when imported into Vietnam. The HS code for the desk calendar is 41900000.

49.01: Printed books, pamphlets, pamphlets and similar printed publications. Single sheet or non-single sheet.

4903.0.00: Picture books, drawing books or coloring books for children.

49.05: Maps and hydrographic charts or similar charts. Including atlas, wall maps, topographic maps and globes, printed.

4910.00.00: All kinds of printed calendars, including calendar blocks.

49.11: Other printed matter, including pictures and prints.

Import tax of desktop calendar is calculated as 20% (preferential tax), VAT 10%.

Policy for importing desk calendars and wall calendars

Calendar items are under the management of Circular No. 41/2016/TT-BTTTT, amending Circular 16/2015/TT-BTTTT. Here, the desktop calendar is in the list, import procedures for imported goods in the field of publication distribution. Calendar items need to be divided according to the purpose of business import and non-commercial import.

Therefore, when doing procedures to import desk calendars and wall calendars for business purposes. Enterprises need a written confirmation of import registration.

If you carry out procedures to import calendars for non-commercial purposes, you do not need to apply for an import license.

Lịch để bàn, lịch treo tường nhập khẩu cần tuân thủ các chính sách nào

What policies do imported desk calendars and wall calendars need to comply with?

Procedures for applying for an import license

To apply for a calendar import license, the enterprise prepares a set of documents including the following documents:

– An application form for a license to import and publish non-commercial products

– List of non-commercial imported publications

– A set of documents for importing the shipment, including: bill of lading, invoice, packing list, introduction paper…

Note: If the Department of Publication - Printing and Distribution or the Department of Information and Communications detects that the publication requested for an import license shows signs of violating Vietnamese law. Immediately these agencies have the right to refuse to grant import permits. Or the unit will conduct the appraisal to serve as a basis for granting an import license.

Customs dossiers – Procedures for importing desktop and wall calendars

The customs dossier for import of this item is specified in Clause 5, Article 1, Circular 39/2018/TT-BTC. Amended in Article 16 of Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC. Importing enterprises need to prepare a set of documents to submit to customs including the following documents:

– Import customs declaration

– Commercial Invoice (commercial invoice)

– Bill of Lading

– C/O if any

– Import license or written confirmation of import registration

- Other documents (if any).

Procedure for importing desktop and wall calendars

Enterprises that want to import calendars need to follow these steps:

Step 1: The enterprise applies for a license to import calendars. The profile is specified in the above section.

Step 2: Submit customs documents for customs declaration.

Thủ tục nhập khẩu lịch để bàn và lịch treo tường gồm những gì

What is the procedure for importing desktop and wall calendars?

Note: For cases where cultural verification is required for bulk imported calendar shipments. It is necessary to have an official notice of bringing the goods to the storage location and a written request to bring the goods to the storage warehouse.

Step 3: The customs office inspects the goods

Step 4: Check the documents and clear the shipment.

Frequently asked questions about customs clearance

When performing import procedures for desktop and wall calendars or any other goods. Once the goods arrive at the customs, the customs officer will inquire about the shipment information:

- What products does the company import?

– Is this calendar big? What is the length, width, height of the calendar?

What is this calendar used for?

Importing enterprises need to know exactly the information about the products in the consignment they want to import. So that when the customs officer asks, he can answer quickly.

After reading the License to import non-commercial publications. The customs department will ask if you have brought the goods to the warehouse for storage. You need to provide the agency with a written notice of bringing the goods to the storage location _ a written request to bring the goods back to storage for the receiving customs to handle.

Kiểm tra chuyên nhành đối với hàng hóa nhập khẩu

Specialized inspection for imported goods

Commodity appraisal process – Finishing the procedure for importing desktop and wall calendars

Next, businesses need to prepare documents for customs officers to check:

Papers proving the right to use the warehouse or yard (Warehousing contract or land use certificate)

– Design diagram of storage area

- Appraisal of fire protection of the warehouse area.

After a full inspection by the customs officer, a qualified warehouse official will be printed to bring the goods back for storage. The enterprise holds this record and gives it to the receiving customs officer for permission to bring the goods back for preservation.

If businesses bring back the goods, they will have to transport the goods to the Department of Information and Communications to verify the content printed in the desk calendars and wall calendars. Let this agency see if the goods are in violation of Vietnamese law.

When the appraisal is successful, the final step is to bring the appraisal results to the customs officer to clear the goods. If there is a violation, your shipment will have to be returned to the country or confiscated and destroyed. Because the law of Vietnam is very strict, the words and images on the calendars and handbooks have sensitive elements.

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