Thủ tục nhập khẩu xe nâng tay chi tiết nhất 2022

The most detailed procedure for importing hand pallet trucks in 2022

If your business is looking to import forklifts for business, you need to understand the regulations. Including import policy, code file code and import tax for forklift trucks. In addition, there is a customs clearance process in the most convenient and fastest way. All matters related to Procedures for importing hand pallet trucks will be introduced to us shortly. 

What is a hand truck?

Xe nâng tay là mặt hàng nhập khẩu khá lớn tại Việt Nam

Forklifts are a fairly large import item in Vietnam

A hand pallet truck is a rudimentary hand-drawn vehicle, designed to lift and transport pallets with small loads. This is one of the important equipment for lifting and stacking goods in various industries.

Features of hand pallet truck

- Rugged, compact design

– Vehicles are operated mainly by hand

– Low lifting capacity from 500kg – 3 tons

- Suitable for moving goods 1 short distance

– Forklifts do not move with steep & rough roads

Import policy for hand pallet trucks

The legal documents provide the following:

– Circular 41/2018/TT-BGTVT: stipulating a list of potentially unsafe items under the management of the Ministry of Transport. Accordingly, forklifts with engines under HS code group 8427 need to be certified before customs clearance. This is enough to complete the import procedures for manual forklift trucks. That is, imported forklifts (with engines) need to be registered.

Xe nâng tay nhập khẩu cần tuân thủ các quy định nào

What regulations do imported forklifts need to comply with?

HS code and import tax on manual forklifts

HS code for hand pallet trucks of group 84279090. Imported forklifts have preferential import tax 0%, VAT 10%.

Procedures for registration of manual forklifts with imported engines

According to the provisions of Article 4 - Circular 41/2011/TT-BGTVT, enterprises need to carry out registration procedures for specialized hand pallet trucks. The complete set of registration documents includes:

– Main registration form (form): 3 pages, signed by the importer, and stamped on the first 2 pages.

– Commercial invoice: 1 copy (provided by the seller).

– Original copy of confirmation of value of imported goods (according to the form of Circular 41/2011/TT-BGTVT).

– Certificate of quality of the manufacturer (Certificate of Quality – C/Q).

- Technical document .

- Company introduction.

The test results will be available within 7 to 10 days from the date of submission of the application. After that, the Registrar will stamp and issue a number on the registration paper. Enterprises should scan the registration results to proceed with customs procedures. In the online customs procedure, please add in the information note "Registered enterprise".


Enterprises should carry out registration procedures as soon as there is a notice of arrival. This helps the import process of goods proceed quickly. At the same time avoid procedures arising later. Early check-in will also help businesses save on storage costs upon entry.

Do hand pallet trucks (without engine) need to be registered?

– According to Official Letter 6489/TCHQ-GSQL, manual forklifts without engines do not need to go through registration procedures when importing. Therefore, enterprises carry out procedures according to regulations.

Làm thủ tục xe nâng tay nhập khẩu cần nốp thuế bao nhiêu

How much tax do you need to pay for imported forklifts?

Detailed procedures and customs documents for importing hand pallet trucks

The customs dossier for importing manual forklift trucks is specified in Clause 5, Article 1, Circular 39/2018/TT-BTC (amendment to Article 16 of Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC). Accordingly, the customs dossier includes:

- Customs declaration

- Commercial invoice

– Bill of lading

- Packing list

– Commercial contract (Sales contract)

– Certificate of origin (C/O) if any

- Catalog (if any)

– Dossier of registration for quality inspection and environmental protection.

Procedures for importing manual forklift trucks

The steps to import forklifts will proceed as if importing a normal shipment. Consists of:

Step 1: Register the online application on the national one-stop system

Step 2: The new forklift can be brought back to the warehouse for storage and replenishment later. Used forklifts must carry out physical inspection of goods at the port.

Step 3: Waiting for feedback

Step 4: If there is a certificate, submit it to the one-stop system to complete the forklift import procedure.

Thủ tục nhập khẩu xe nâng tay không quá khó để thực hiện

Procedures for importing hand pallet trucks are not too difficult to carry out

In case you want to bring goods to the warehouse for storage

For goods packed in containers, which have not been fully assembled and cannot be inspected at the port. Then the business should release the goods to the warehouse, after completing the assembly, invite the registration officer to come down to check the goods. Clearing before the registration check, in this case, the following problems will arise:

– For warehouses in the province without a registry, it will be difficult to organize travel for the registry staff to inspect.

– It takes a lot of time to complete the procedure for importing forklifts.

For bulk cargo, goods that can be inspected at the port, the enterprise should invite the registration officer to inspect the goods at the port. Before applying for release of goods to the warehouse (pending the registration results). Enterprises are allowed to release goods after the inspection and registration of forklifts is completed. This case will help businesses:

- Save a lot of time and travel costs.

– Complete import procedures for forklifts, excavators, and excavators more smoothly and easily.

Prestigious manual forklift import procedure service

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Everlog là đơn cung dịch vụ Logistics uy tín hàng đầu Việt Nam

Everlog is the leading reputable logistics service provider in Vietnam

What do businesses get when choosing Everlog to accompany them?

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Customs service fee for importing hand pallet truck

When businesses want to carry out the procedures for importing hand pallet trucks. The unit needs to know the taxes and fees when doing the service to best prepare.

– Port cost: Container handling fee at the port; Charges for closing and withdrawing goods at the port; Charges for transferring containers to specialized inspection yards or sampling yards for inspection; Port storage fee.

- Shipping costs.

– Inland transportation costs: Freight charges from the port to the customer's warehouse or vice versa.

– Fees and charges of specialized inspection agencies: Check the quality of imported goods.

- Import tax (if any).

– Charge for loading and unloading goods at Customer’s warehouse (if any).

Important notes when carrying out import procedures for forklifts

Businesses should note the following points:

– Used forklifts under 10 years old are not allowed to be imported according to regulations

– Old forklifts that have been interfered with by punching numbers, assembled from many different forklifts, are prohibited from being imported.

– You can bring the goods to preserve when doing customs procedures

- Tax must be paid to get customs clearance

– Forklifts with engines must be registered, Forklifts only need to do quality checks.

Here are the details about Procedures for importing hand pallet trucks for business reference. Hope all businesses with business needs of this item will understand and implement effectively. If there is a need to use the service of import and export procedures of Everest Logistics. Please contact us via the hotline below for more advice!