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Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts

Currently, businesses that want to expand the form of processing must register for factory inspection at the customs department. Only then can you sign up for a processing contract. So how does the factory inspection work? What are the procedures required for the contract to register for processing? All will be in the article: Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts today!

Thủ tục kiểm xưởng đăng ký hợp đồng gia công là gì

Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts

What is factory inspection?

Factory inspection is the process of inspecting a production facility, carried out by the Vietnamese customs department. Objects of inspection are enterprises with outsourcing contracts. Or a unit dealing in specialized items that cannot be sold in the Vietnamese market.

Why should factory inspection for processed products?

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Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts

In fact, when the unit has been inspected and obtained a processing contract, the enterprise will have special advantages:

– Reduce import tax when importing raw materials and accessories, meeting the needs of producing goods for export

– Refund of import tax when importing raw materials and accessories to serve the production of export goods

– Being allowed to trade in specialized products – the kind of goods that other businesses are not allowed to do business in

– Right from the time the enterprise begins to import raw materials, but does not conduct factory inspection before. Then your unit will not be able to reduce taxes and import taxes.

Cases that need to check the factory of processed goods 

This is an item you need to be familiar with in Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts. As specified in Article 39 of the consolidated document No. 24/VBHN-BTC dated 11/07/2018. These cases include:

Organizations and individuals that import goods for the first time for the purpose of processing or producing goods for export.

– When detecting signs that identify organizations or individuals, they change information about their address, product line, scale, and production capacity but fail to notify the customs authority.

Organizations and individuals importing goods for processing for foreign traders. But they hire other organizations and individuals to re-process the entire outsourcing contract.

– When detecting signs that identify organizations or individuals storing imported materials, supplies, components and exported products outside the locations notified to the customs authority.

– Other cases are checked on the basis of applying risk management.

Process Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts

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Process Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts

In order for the factory inspection to go smoothly and the unit to register the processing contract. You need to pay attention to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Prepare documents to submit to the customs office

This profile includes:

  1. Fire prevention license
  2. Leases premises
  3. Certificates of land use rights
  4. Investment certificates
  5. Ownership of construction works
  6. Passport of the representative   
  7. Passport of authorized person
  8. Business license
  9. Tax registration certificate

Step 2: The customs department conducts factory inspection

Units need to prepare and understand the issues that the customs will ask for the answer to be accepted.

In case the factory has not met the standards, if the enterprise wants the customs to come down to check it again. Then you must apply for a re-examination, if not, continue to check. Check the factory until it passes, then stop.

Step 3: Open your processing account on the customs system

Units shall declare according to form 12 on the V5 system. Then the customs department will open an account and allow you to declare this type of tax.

Step 4: Register for the processing contract

After completing the above steps, enterprises can start importing and manufacturing processed goods. The registration procedure to open the processing declaration is as usual.

Processing contract

In Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts, a complete set of documents for registration of processing contracts including:

– Processing contract and contract appendices (if any): submit 02 originals. At that time, the customs office will keep 01 copy and return 01 copy to the enterprise.

– Business registration certificate/investment license/investment certificate for foreign-invested enterprises. Applicable for first time registration. (submit 01 copy).

– License of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (if any)

- Written explanation and proof of the production facility (for the first-time processing enterprise and also the sub-contracting enterprise). The document should clearly state:

  • Address of business headquarters
  • Address of production facility
  • Management capacity
  • Production capacity
  • Produced items
  • Equipment line
  • Design capacity…

– Account number and name of the bank sending money: to submit 01 original.

For a written explanation proving the production facility, the enterprise only needs to explain once. The additional explanation is only when there is a change in the explained contents.

– Contract of outsourcing outsourcing (in case of outsourcing all processed products): submit 01 copy, present the original.

– Registration sheet of raw materials and supplies for the contract or the processing contract appendix, made according to form 01/DKNVL-GC: 02 originals must be submitted.

Service of checking the factory for registration of processing contracts of Everlog

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Service of doing factory inspection procedures to register effective processing contracts at Everlog

Consulting, building product norms. Building product norms will help businesses manage spending. Specifically, the levels of consumption of materials, energy...

Consulting and supporting businesses to prepare necessary documents, documents and production processes to apply for ℅. This is a very important step. For the purpose of determining the origin or place of exploitation of the consignment. 

Check and review data on the customs declaration software monthly. Follow up to update new information, changes to the business. 

 Check and execute the annual processing contract liquidation on time. Ensure customs requirements are met every year. 

Check and monitor customs settlement reports. Make the correct settlement to ensure the operation of the business. 

Consulting, comparing data between raw materials and finished products. We will help businesses keep track of every activity. Control raw materials through the stages of purchasing, storing...

Consulting solutions to correct errors when entering data. This is a very important and necessary step. Without proofreading and proofreading, it is easy to affect work efficiency and incur costs for businesses. 

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Practical benefits that customers receive at Everlog

Acting with the highest sense of responsibility, we are committed to bringing the best interests to customers:

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Hopefully the article will help businesses better understand Procedures for factory inspection to register processing contracts. If you are interested in the above service, you can contact us directly through the contact details below. 


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