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Customs service contract form for import-export enterprises

In the import-export industry, customs service is an extremely important and mandatory stage. If the business is not familiar with the customs procedures. You can choose from a package of customs clearance services. However, for the work to happen clearly and accurately. Usually between the service provider and the business must make a contract. So what do you understand about these contracts? Today's article will provide you with business customs service contract template most detailed.

Ngành xuất nhập khẩu hiện nay đàn là ngành hot

The import and export industry is currently a hot industry

Something about the current Import-Export industry

Human life and economy are developing more and more, leading to the needs of import and export business flourishing like a kite in the wind. But whether it is exporting or importing goods, there is a mandatory process that businesses cannot ignore. That is the declaration to the customs office about the type of your goods. In order to avoid smuggling and illegal trading of banned goods. However, the customs declaration process is not well understood by all businesses because it is extremely complicated.

What is customs service?

Currently, customs services are very diverse and rich in many different forms. Therefore, when you want to use this service, the first thing you need to do is learn carefully the forms. Also know about customs service contract template.

Customs services are services that help businesses declare import and export goods to the customs office. Made by companies specializing in Logistics. This process includes many reporting stages such as:

– Register information

- Prepare goods documents

– Submit customs declaration

- Get the results of the stream...

Why is a customs service contract so necessary?

Before the complicated processes and take a long time to carry out customs procedures, the package customs service, customs consulting service was born. From there, it helps businesses and traders to make customs declarations faster and more convenient.

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The importance of the customs service contract template

Just sign the contract and you will have a professional unit on this matter to help you declare customs. But is a service related to the law and strictly controlled. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses have contracts with full terms. Businesses must understand many issues to avoid money loss and trouble with the law.

Items included in the customs service contract form

A standard customs service contract template should include the following items:

Party A - customs declaration support agent

This section includes the information of the customs declaration service unit that you sign. The information must be complete from the company name, address, representative, tax code ...

Party B – customers/businesses who want to use the service

This is the party that needs to declare customs about the goods. There are also items of information that need to be fully declared as party A.

Objects of goods to be declared

This content is the main content in customs declaration service contract form. Therefore, it is quite important, including the agreement on:

-What will the item include

- How many

– Shipping method

– Time and place of delivery and receipt of goods…

This item information needs to be declared clearly, avoiding the situation of exchanging goods or receiving wrong goods.

Party A and Party B will have to agree on the delivery of goods. That is, what documents must be attached to the delivery, in what form will the cost of the contract be paid? What kind of documents need to confirm upon delivery? This is also a pretty important item in a customs service contract template.

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What's included in the customs service contract form?

Rights and obligations of each party in the contract

Before concluding, both parties need to agree on the rights and obligations that Party A and Party B need to be responsible for.

Party A will be responsible for:

– If there is a problem with the customs service

- If the goods are damaged...

Party A will be responsible for:

– If the documents and the list of goods are wrong

- Penalty for incomplete payment of expenses...

This is one of the most important items in customs service contract template. Whether this signing operation succeeds or not is entirely here. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly agree on the rights and obligations of each party. This will avoid damage at the end of the contract and reputation for future cooperation.

Notes when making a sample of a customs service contract 

Customs services help businesses reduce many troubles. But you also need to be careful when choosing a contractor. Don't let your business take advantage of the ambiguity in the contract. Causing you damage to goods, money. Even being exchanged, damaged goods, declared irresponsibly and then got into trouble with the law.

Nên chọn doanh nghiệp uy tín để thực hiện hợp đồng dịch vụ hải quan

Should choose a reputable company to perform the customs service contract

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