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Export service to countries around the world

With the continuous integration of economies in other countries, the demand for importing and exporting goods to foreign countries is increasing day by day. This process requires a lot of complicated procedures and documents, making it difficult for businesses. Understanding that, Everlog provides export service to countries around the world quality. We believe, will bring satisfaction to customers, business partners.

Nhu cầu nhập và xuất hàng hóa ra nước ngoài ngày một tăng cao

The demand for importing and exporting goods to foreign countries is increasing day by day

What products does Vietnam export to countries around the world?

Below are the main export items of Vietnam. In the world market, these products are always appreciated for their quality:

  • Electronic equipment, computers and components. 
  • Vehicles and telephone equipment. 
  • Footwear and textile products.
  • Machines and spare parts. 

In which, machinery, spare parts and equipment are the main export products. According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, in the period 2016-2020, the turnover of these items increased sharply. 

To carry out the process of exporting these items to the world market requires many different processes. With the service of exporting goods to countries around the world, Logistics units will help businesses complete the necessary procedures and papers. 

Những mặt hàng nào xuất khẩu chính của Việt Nam

What are the main export products of Vietnam?

Popular forms of exporting goods today

Currently, there are many forms of exporting goods. Exporting goods to countries around the world will help businesses optimize all costs. 

Direct export

For this form, the buyer and the seller will directly agree and sign a contract with each other. The seller will take on related roles such as name registration, sales, negotiation, customs clearance. 

Entrusted export - export service to countries around the world

This is the form chosen by businesses today. Accordingly, the seller will sign an entrustment contract with a service provider to export goods to countries around the world. After that, this unit will complete the relevant procedures and deliver the goods. 

Processing export products

Some domestic enterprises are applying this form. They receive production materials from foreign companies and execute them on the spot. Goods before export will be strictly inspected in terms of quality. 

Export goods on the spot

The company or the party importing the goods will designate the carrier in the seller's territory. Next is to carry out the necessary customs procedures and procedures for import and export. 

Import-Export link

Under this form, imports will be counted as exports. Thus goods will be exchanged with each other and traded. The seller will be the buyer and vice versa.

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Temporary export for re-import and temporary import for re-export

Exported goods are only temporarily transited in Vietnam for a period of time. After this time it will be shipped to another country. 

For new businesses, choosing the export service to countries around the world is the best solution. Ensure that your goods will clear customs on schedule, in time for the production and distribution process.  

dịch vụ xuất hàng đi các nước trên thế giới là giải pháp tối ưu nhất

Export service to countries around the world is the best solution

Instructions for exporting goods to countries around the world

To avoid unnecessary errors, procedures for exporting goods to foreign countries should follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply for an export license

Previously, Vietnamese businesses that wanted to export goods to foreign countries had to apply for an export license. However, according to Decision No. 57/1998/ND/CP said:

Enterprises are entitled to export goods in accordance with the contents of their domestic business registration. No need to apply for an export business license as before. Except for some items with separate management mechanism. Examples are: rice, antique collectibles, artwork, explosives, books, gems, pearls.

Step 2: Sign the contract, prepare the goods for export to foreign countries

After obtaining a license, the next step in guiding the export procedures to countries around the world is to sign a contract with a foreign enterprise. Then quickly collect the goods and arrange them into export shipments. Then proceed to pack the package with codes and symbols to distinguish the goods.

Step 3: Buy insurance for the goods

When transporting exported goods to foreign countries, the problem of risks and losses is unavoidable. Therefore, businesses need to buy insurance to ensure the best safety for their goods.

You can easily buy insurance for exported goods at insurance companies across the country.

Step 4: Rent a means of transport

The choice of means of transport is quite important in exporting goods. To be able to choose the appropriate means of transport (land, sea, rail, air). You need to answer the following questions:

  • What kind of goods are they? What is the volume and size? What are the storage conditions?
  • Is this export commodity common or special?
  • Is it containerized or bulk cargo?
  • Should you choose one-way or two-way transportation?
  • Transport on a normal route or a special route?
  • Choose transportation by trip or continuous?

Step 5: Customs clearance

Carrying out customs procedures for import and export of goods going abroad is one of the mandatory regulations for all types of goods. The steps for customs clearance include:

  • Customs declaration
  • Presenting goods
  • Implementation of further decisions in the request of the customs authorities

Step 6: Loading the goods onto the ship

When doing procedures to export goods to countries around the world by sea. Businesses should note a few points below:

Based on the detailed information of the goods to proceed with the registration of freight. Then hand it over to the carrier in exchange for a loading number.

Talk to the dispatcher at the port to know the exact time of loading on board.

After delivering the goods on board, remember to receive the receipt from the mate in exchange for the bill of lading. It is used to make a contract of carriage.

In case the goods are delivered by container, you need to rent the container and make a detailed list of the goods in the container. If your quantity of goods does not fill one container (LCL).

After that, you need to make a "Registration of Carriage" with the transport company. When the registration is accepted, you proceed to deliver the goods to the carrier.

Hướng dẫn thủ tục xuất hàng đi các nước trên thế giới

Instructions for exporting goods to countries around the world

Step 7: Make payment procedures

Payment documents need to be made accurately, in accordance with the contract that the two parties have made. After receiving the payment voucher, you go to the bank to submit the payment procedures.

As can be seen, the procedure for exporting goods to foreign countries has to go through many complicated steps. Therefore, you should use the service of exporting goods to countries around the world of Logistics units. Only then will it not affect the work progress. Everlog is committed to supporting customers to complete import and export procedures quickly, professionally and securely.

Everlog – provides a cheap package to export goods to countries around the world

To meet the diverse needs of customers, Everlog provides additional export services to countries around the world. With cost savings, shortened shipping time, this will be the best quality service package for you.

The unit ensures that the goods sent abroad will be delivered to the recipient as soon as possible. In addition, we are ready to assist customers with other procedures such as:

  • Import and export procedures, customs clearance procedures
  • Procedures for temporary import for re-export for items sent for repair
  • Free consultation on international freight law,…

Vì sao nên lựa chọn dịch vụ của Everlog

Why should you choose Everlog's service?

The benefits of choosing Everlog's services

  • Freight freight to the most competitive countries in the market
  • There are often promotions for large quantities
  • Professionally trained XNK staff
  • Receive and send a variety of goods (except prohibited goods) from Vietnam to countries around the world
  • Connecting with firms, large enterprises at home and abroad
  • Fully updated information about order schedule
  • Full cargo insurance policies available
  • Careful storage and packaging

Hopefully with the above sharing, businesses will confidently choose Service of exporting goods to countries around the world at Everlog. For more detailed information on domestic and international shipping services. Please contact Everlog Logistics via the hotline below for advice!

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