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Cheap service to open customs declarations at Everlog

Customs declaration opening service is one of the effective solutions today to help businesses save costs when exporting and importing goods. So what is a customs declaration? Which businesses should use this service. Join Everlog to find the answer in the article below! 

Customs declaration, What is the customs declaration opening service? 

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The service of making customs declarations always receives the attention of businesses

Customs declaration (also known as Customs Declaration) is a particularly important document in any import and export activities. In this declaration, the goods owner (importer and exporter) must fully declare all relevant information about the goods. 

Making a customs declaration is mandatory. All activities related to the export and import of goods into Vietnam will not take place without this declaration. 

After transmitting the customs declaration, the customs will return the results of the channelization. Next, businesses will use this declaration. Along with that are sets of customs clearance documents to carry out customs clearance of goods. 

Currently, some businesses will prioritize choosing package customs service or the service of opening customs declarations of logistics units. This helps to quickly optimize all import and export processes. 

What does the customs declaration include? 

A customs service declaration will include the following basic contents: 

Part 1: Declaration number, goods inspection classification code, type code, branch code. 

Part 2: Name and address of the person importing/exporting the goods. 

Part 3: Detailed and complete information about the shipment such as bill, storage location, quantity, loading and unloading location...

Part 4: Commercial invoice and invoice value.

Part 5: Taxes and iron taxes. 

Section 6: This section is for customs returns.

Part 7: Notes on the customs declaration.

Part 8: List of goods. 

Streaming detailed customs declarations

The separation of customs declarations is considered a tool for competent customs authorities to inspect and supervise goods. These items will be imported and exported from our country's market. With the service of making customs declarations, businesses will know which of the following streams their shipments belong to. 

Green stream

In this case, the enterprise performs well and abides by the State's regulations on customs. At that time, this business will be exempted from detailed inspection of documents and goods. 

At the same time, the goods are also exempted from document inspection and physical inspection. Goods will be sent directly to the collection of documents and stamps. 

Golden stream

After checking, if the electronic customs data system shows that your goods are in the golden stream. This means that this shipment is exempt from goods inspection, but still has to check paper documents. 

After conducting the inspection, the relevant documents ensure that they are in compliance with the regulations, and the customs clearance process will begin. 

Red stream

The customs authorities will conduct physical inspection of the shipment and details of the documents. Testing will take two forms: 

Inspection of no more than 5%: This inspection is to assess the compliance with the customs law of the shipment owner. The inspection will end when no errors are detected. 

 Inspection no more than 10%: Goods are exempt from physical inspection. However, if the customs unit detects a violation through information analysis, it will conduct an inspection. The process will stop when there are no more errors. 

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Customs declaration service helps businesses save a lot of costs

Why do you need the customs declaration service?

Currently, with the continuous development of the market economy. The competition between businesses is getting fiercer and tougher. Therefore, any business wants their company's import and export process to be best guaranteed. 

Therefore, the selection of customs declaration opening service at logistics units is a safe and economical solution today. With professionalism in this field, logistics units will help you solve all problems. Help customs clearance of goods most effectively. 

In addition, businesses that do not have solid knowledge in this field will spend a lot of time making customs declarations. Therefore, the service of making customs declarations is all that solves this problem for businesses. 

Which businesses should choose our customs declaration service?

Currently, most import-export companies will choose customs declaration opening service. Especially companies that do not have a department dedicated to paperwork, customs service contract template

Besides, there are businesses who want to limit the risks or unfortunate incidents of shipments. Or want to quickly carry out the customs clearance process, ensure the production and distribution schedule on time. 

More and more businesses are choosing this service. Because more than anyone else, they understand this is the best solution today. Both safe and economical. Thereby generating more profits, increasing economic position. 

Everlog's commitments to customers when choosing the service of opening customs declaration here. 

Currently, there are many logistics units supporting businesses in the service of opening customs declarations. However, Everlog is still a name that has a strong foothold in the market and won the hearts of many customers. Everlog is always committed to bringing customers the best. 

Fast and safe process: With many years of experience in making customs declarations for customers. The staff at Everlog have expert knowledge in this area. Therefore, all processes are carried out methodically and quickly. 

Achieve the highest work efficiency: By coordinating professional human resources, this logistics unit will help customers complete the customs declaration on schedule. Save time for customers. 

Provide cheap quality service: As can be seen, there are many fees to complete the customs clearance process. However, Everlog will provide the cheapest customs declaration service. This cost will be much lower than if the business learns and implements this process by itself. 

Responsibility: We are committed to working with customers with the responsibility of a dedicated, dedicated unit. There will not be any process delay, affecting the production process of the enterprise. 

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Customs declaration service at Everlog has many outstanding advantages

Why should you choose the service of opening customs declarations at Everlog?

As a famous logistics unit, Everlog Experienced in opening customs declarations. Always ensure safe clearance of goods. With a comprehensive understanding, it will help businesses avoid significant risks. 

Always keep good customer information. This is considered the basic requirement of a service unit. All information about product prices and suppliers will be kept confidential. 

After a long time making customs declarations, Everlog has an understanding of many different fields. Therefore, ensuring well the diverse requirements of today's businesses. 

When making customs declarations here, the customer support team is ready to support businesses 24/7. With dedication, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, we will bring customers the best experience. 

Thus, Everlog is one of the pioneers in providing customs declaration opening service cheap package in Vietnam. All processes here take place in accordance with regulations, ensuring the best interests of the business. 

Here are all the detailed answers about customs declaration opening service. If you have any questions, please contact us via hotline or official website. We always strive to bring satisfaction to our customers.