Dịch vụ Lashing – chằng buộc hàng hóa và máy móc hiệu quả tại Everlog

Lashing service – fastening goods and machines effectively at Everlog

Currently, to ensure the best quality and safety when transporting goods. Many businesses have chosen the method of tying goods, especially...

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Dịch vụ đóng kiện gỗ, pallet gỗ đạt chuẩn của Everlog

Everlog's standard wooden pallet and bale packing service

With international integration, the need to import and export goods is an urgent need of many businesses. When transporting, it is necessary to follow the correct packing process...

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The company's promise

As a contractor, we promise to take care of all the supply chain management, to make the shipment safe, fast and on time.

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