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Quality package customs service at EVERLOG

Each export/import item will have a different service fee when doing customs procedures. This work requires cooperation and two-way exchange between the shipment owner and the customs service provider. Today, to save money and time, the package customs service has been established. It brings customers many unexpected outstanding benefits. Let's learn about this service package in today's article!

Marine service mandarin what?

Đây là công việc để hoàn tất các thủ tục để thông quan cho lô hàng

What is customs service?

Customs service is the job to complete the formalities to clear your shipments. And of course, this activity is free.

Currently, this service model has 2 main forms, including:

Declaration service collectHey customs 

In this form, the service provider is responsible for performing the customs procedures on behalf of or representing the enterprise to clear customs for the shipment. The customs declaration service side will not appear the legal entity's name on any customs documents.

This package customs declaration service is very popular. Because it brings a lot of convenience to customers. However, if in a bad case, the owner of the shipment will also face risks. Because this service provider is not directly named when doing the procedure.

Great service lidea customs

In contrast, service providers will use their names and digital signatures to declare declarations. They are also responsible for making copies of documents to have the most complete set of records. After that, the dossier will be sent to the customs branch office as in the agreed contract.

Marine service mandarin What does the package include?

– Customs clearance service from A to Z

- Customs declaration service for import and export goods. From LCL packed retail to FCL raw goods, Air goods, Processed goods, SXXK goods,... 

– Service of applying for C/O from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and VCCI with all forms.

- Cargo service is fast and safe.

– Specialized inspection services: sterilization of goods; apply for an import license if it is iron and steel products, fertilizers; check product; consignment conformity…

- Tax refund service…. 

Dịch vụ hải quan trọng gói bao gồm những gì

What does the package of customs services include?

Declaration process rent How does customs work?

After the enterprise provides the goods owner's documents, the unit package customs service will prepare all documents for customs declaration. 

Step 1: Confirm determined commodities

The service provider will check whether the truck is on the list of prohibited imports/exports.

Step 2: Sign the contract copper Foreign Trade

Is a document and document of responsibility of both the shipper and the service provider.

Step 3: Standard set of documents

Documents to prepare include: bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin (C/O), commercial invoice (invoice), contract ( contract).

All these documents must be checked carefully, without errors to avoid unnecessary fines.

Step 4: Sign in sign Specialized examination (if any)

This will be the step to determine whether the goods meet import and export standards. Some specialized checks will take place such as fumigation, quarantine, food safety, culture...

Step 5: Advance onion declare and transmit customs declarations

Upon receipt of the delivery notice, the party package customs service will proceed to the declaration.

Step 6: Do procedures at the customs branch

If it is a green channel product, just print the declaration with barcode from the General Department of Customs. Then go down to the customs office at the port to complete the necessary procedures.

For gold channel goods, additional documents are required for the customs authority to check

For red channel goods, the goods must be opened for two officials to physically check the goods

For some special goods, additional procedures are required. For example, price consultation, goods inspection, post-customs clearance inspection, tax refund, etc.

Sử dụng dịch vụ hải quan trọn gói có lợi ích gì

What are the benefits of using a package customs service?

Those who Candlestick use the package customs service?

Hurry up and register for this great service if you are one of the following:

Enterprises have little or no experience in doing import and export procedures.

– Enterprises want the import/export process of their unit to be quick and convenient. Save time while ensuring production progress

– Enterprises do not have a department to handle customs procedures.

The benefits useful when hiring a package customs service 

Businesses that choose to hire services will feel more secure about this job. For the following reasons:

Correct delivery job to the right person

Provider package customs service All of them have expertise and experience in the field of Logistics. You just need to provide the goods documents, sign the documents and pay the tax. All remaining work will be performed by the service party.

At the same time, you will also avoid risks and errors when performing this complicated procedure.

Savings spend fee, time for the owner of the shipment

Outsourcing services also helps you save costs in many cases. For example, accommodation, transportation, staffing, exchange...

Instead of doing complicated procedures one by one. When you choose to hire a package customs service, there is no need to spend time learning the process. You can spend that time earning other business opportunities.

These clause Need to pay for a package of customs services?

The cost for a package customs service includes: Fees for carrying out paperwork and a few other costs incurred such as:

Cost dumbbelli port

– Container lifting/lowering fee: eliminates the fee to move the goods in the container onto the trailer and vice versa.

– Charge for packing and withdrawing at the port: the cost to pay for packing the goods into the container. Or gutting when the containers are unloaded at the ship.

– Fee for transporting containers for inspection and sampling: the customs will check whether the goods are correct as on the declaration. If the goods are in the red channel, you will have to pay this extra fee.

– Charge for loading and unloading goods at the warehouse

– Storage fee at the port

Cost at Sfavor fly

These are the costs to be spent when doing customs procedures at the airport. Each type of goods will have a different specified cost. Consists of:

- Service fee at the airport: fee for cleaning, cleaning, arranging goods...

– Airport storage fee: Charge for goods stored overdue for 3 days in the warehouse. 

– Surcharge of the carrier (locar charge). The fee is collected by each shipping line and port that shippers and consignees have to pay.

Service sea Package at Everlog

Everlog is confident to bring businesses a convenient, efficient, and effective service with the cheapest cost today.

You will receive a free consultation on the details of the package customs declaration process. The procedures and papers of all types of import and export are handled quickly by us. Ensure to minimize costs outside the Quotation.

The process of customs clearance and transporting goods to customers takes place quickly and safely.

If the business has a need for package customs service, please contact us via the hotline below. Everlog Always ready to advise and answer all your questions!