Cách tối ưu chi phí hải quan hiệu quả cho doanh nghiệp

How to optimize customs costs effectively for businesses

Currently, using quality, efficient and economical services is How to optimize customs costs? used by many businesses. It helps these businesses increase profits and the attractiveness of their products. So what is the most effective optimization? Follow us below to get a satisfactory answer!

Cách tối ưu chi phí hải quan luôn nhận được sự quan tâm

How to optimize customs costs always receives attention

What is the customs service fee? 

Customs costs are the amount of money that enterprises have to pay as agreed upon to related parties when using customs clearance services. This fee will vary depending on the item and work procedures. 

How to optimize customs costs? The best that businesses are using is to choose a package customs service. 

What does the package customs cost include? 

For package customs service, Costs are always a matter of concern for businesses. 

Cost for Everlog 

  • Customs service fees at ports and airports
  • Customs inspection fee if any
  • Shipping fee from port, airport to warehouse or from warehouse to port, airport

Costs for ports and airports

  • Fees for lifting and lowering containers; loading and unloading goods at the Port. 
  • Fees for transporting containers to inspection yards or yards to take samples for specialized inspection. 
  • Charges for loading and unloading goods at the warehouse (For retail goods). 
  • Service fee at the airport (For air cargo). 
  • Port and airport storage charges. 

Cost to carrier

  • B/L issuance fee (For export items).
  • Fee for receiving D/O delivery orders (For imported items). 
  • Other fees for full container goods such as: THC, EBS, CIC...
  • Charges for retail goods such as: THC, CFS, CIC, EBS, BAF, Labor fee…

Fees for specialized inspection agencies

  • Inspection of plants, animals and other imported goods. 
  • Inspect imported food culture and food hygiene and safety. 
  • Check energy efficiency. 
  • Regulations conformity certifications and regulation conformity announcements. 

Tối ưu chi phí giúp doanh nghiệp gia tăng lợi nhuận

Optimizing costs to help businesses increase profits

Why optimize customs costs?

Thus, there are many expenses for import and export activities. If your business does not calculate these fees carefully, it is very easy to take risks. That means you will have to spend a lot of different large and small expenses, but the results are not as expected. 

How to optimize customs costs? It is essential to help businesses increase their competitiveness. Along with that, more profits will also be generated. 

Ways to optimize customs costs for businesses

At the present time, many businesses have applied many new technologies and solutions to reduce customs costs. Specifically, using free customs declaration software to save investment fees for machinery. 

In addition, some businesses also apply modern information technology to connect and exchange electronic information and data. Save human resources as well as fees for administrative procedures. 

Logistics units also constantly support businesses to reduce customs costs. They optimize processes and rapidly digitize relevant paperwork. From there, the clearance time is shortened and saved a considerable amount. 

Thus, there are many ways for units to reduce customs costs. However, if you are a new business with no experience in this field, choose for yourself a reputable import-export company. They will help you implement and do well all procedures safely and quickly. 

The most effective way to optimize customs costs today

Until the present time, How to optimize customs costs? The most effective is to use the package customs service. Besides giving businesses a competitive edge, it also offers many other benefits:

  • Helping businesses save money overall. Risks or arising costs will be handled quickly with the lowest fee. Overall, this is the best way to ensure economic security. 
  • Besides, this service also helps you avoid loss of goods. Thereby reducing significant loss in terms of budget. All customs clearance procedures and exchanges with the customs sub-department take place quickly. 
  • You will save a significant amount of legal paperwork. A package customs service provider will do it on behalf of the business in a safe and prudent manner. 

Cách tối ưu chi phí hải quan tốt nhất hiện nay

The best way to optimize customs costs today

Benefits when choosing the way to optimize customs costs at EverLog

The best way to optimize customs costs is to choose a package customs service at a long-standing Logistics unit. For example, Everlog - a unit with enough expertise and responsibility to ensure the interests of the business. 

Everlog is one of the import and export units providing customs declaration opening service leading in our country. After many years, this company has gained a strong foothold in the market. This customs service provider is committed to providing customers with the most detailed and cheapest customs costs. With customer-oriented goals, the agreements reached will help businesses reduce fees significantly. 

In addition, our staff always check and review relevant information about documents. In order to ensure the most complete customer profile in the shortest time, saving travel costs for businesses. 

Always monitor the progress of customs to ensure that the shipment will be cleared on schedule. Ensure the best quality of goods and increase interest rates at the highest level. In line with business expectations. 

Why should you choose to optimize customs costs at Everlog?

With many years of experience in this field, Everlog will process quickly documents such as customs declaration documents quickly. As a result, businesses will avoid unfortunate risks. 

This is also one of the export-import units with experience in many different fields such as cosmetics, food ... Or some specific fields such as forklifts, chemicals...

Good security of all personal information of customers. Committed to providing the cheapest customs service in the market, helping businesses optimize customs costs in the most effective way. Always ensure the progress of the shipment as originally agreed. 

Everlog is a partner of many international airlines and large shipping companies. Offer the opportunity to cooperate with the most affordable price. Make sure your business expenses are kept to a minimum. 

If you are interested in How to optimize customs costs? effective at Everlog, leave a comment below. We will contact and assist you as soon as possible.