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As a leading company in the field of global air freight forwarding, excelling in service delivery
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Inland shipping is perhaps the most important part of most transportation and supply chain operations
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Nearly all items are transported at some stage of their journey along the roads of the world
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Everlog understands part of the supply chain optimization process is having a high level of service
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Our services

As a market leader in the global air freight forwarding industry.

We EVERLOG the unit that you can completely trust to entrust the responsibility in the field of import and export of goods.

Are you concerned about service prices, shipping time, costs incurred out of control out of control? We guarantee that such things will not happen when using our services.

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We EVERLOG (EVEREST LOGISTICS) – the unit that you can completely trust to entrust the responsibility in the field of import and export of goods.
Are you concerned about service prices, shipping time, costs incurred out of control out of control?
EVERLOG guarantees nothing like that when you use our services.


Featured news

Dịch vụ hải quan trọn gói chất lượng tại EVERLOG

Quality package customs service at EVERLOG

Each export/import item will have a different service fee when doing customs procedures. This work requires cooperation and two-way exchange between the shipper...

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Cách tối ưu chi phí hải quan hiệu quả cho doanh nghiệp

How to optimize customs costs effectively for businesses

Currently, using quality, efficient and economical services is the way to optimize customs costs used by many businesses. It helps the...

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Dịch vụ xuất hàng đi các nước trên thế giới

Export service to countries around the world

With the continuous integration of economies in other countries, the demand for importing and exporting goods to foreign countries is increasing day by day. This process requires a lot of...

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Muốn nhập hàng phải làm gì? Thủ tục để nhập một lô hàng

What to do to import goods? Procedure to import a consignment

Currently, there are many businesses that are wondering: What to do to import goods? To help you answer that question, Everlog has compiled the knowledge...

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Customer reviews


We stand from the perspective of service users of Everlog unit during the past years, feeling that: Everlog is a unit that always quickly captures, transmits and advises practical and timely information. time so that we can choose the right service package for our unit. In addition, Everlog accompanied us during the difficult time when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred and spread around the world. With a staff of professional style and high expertise in competence, we think that Everlog in the future will become one of the leading companies in the logistics field in Vietnam as well as globally.

A. Thanh - CEO

We cooperated with Everlog for quite a long time. What makes us really satisfied with this unit is: the staff is enthusiastic, has a high sense of responsibility and listens to customers' opinions. The steps of receiving documents, processing documents and customs clearance are handled quickly by Everlog with reasonable prices and ensuring the quality of goods. Everlog gives us the best experience so we highly recommend this unit. Everest Logistics – a reliable companion!.

C. Dieu - In charge of Import-Export Department

Everlog is the import-export unit that VINAKEN BEER FACTORY trusts and chooses. With fast delivery time, good service and the ability to respond to arising needs in a timely manner Everlog gives us a very good experience. In addition, with a variety of customs and transportation services, we can easily choose any form we need. Our orders are delivered on time and with guaranteed quality. Thank you very much !

C. Dung - Head of Import-Export Department


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